Reviews - Scottybons | online personal shopping for women


"Really liked trying out Scottybons! The questionnaire was nice to take and the phone call afterwards really pleased me. And then the box arrived so soon. It was quite exciting to unpack the box. And the note accompanied with the box was warm and a pleasure to read."  - Gonnie


"So nice to see how you guys make this service work! I'm loving it and will definitely use your service another time!"  - Jet 


"Awesome box you put together for me. Totally different things than I would choose myself. And that's a good thing!"  - Esther


"Thank you for the gorgeous earrings. I was really happy with them and I know for sure I will wear those beauties a lot."  - Ineke


"I was pleasantly surprised with what you have chosen for me. I liked everything!"  - Antoinette