Our Story - Scottybons | online personal shopping for women


Women, crazy about shopping?

If we (women) are totally honest with ourselves, do we really love shopping? Yes, if we have the time. If we know which stores to visit, and if we know which brands to pick. If we can stroll around in the highstreet on a quiet monday morning. Yes, then shopping can be fun. And even then, we are not all crazy about it.

And if we go shopping, sometimes we have the tendency to stay in our comfort zone. We come home with more or less the same things we always buy.

During the week I am busy with a job and family, besides sports and a social life. So I know from my own experience that it simply is not always possible to go looking for a new outift on a saturday afternoon in a busy shopping street. In the evening hours I can shop online. That seems like a godsend when you have little time. But the offer of brands and shopping sites is huge. I find it difficult to bring patience to scroll through page after page looking for something unique.

I noticed that I was not alone. Friends around me were busy too. And in the fashion industry where I worked, additionally our customers were daily looking for help in selecting a complete outfit. Both in-store and online.

A personal shopper seemed too ambitious and expensive. But what if we would offer an online personal shopping service that is easy and affordable?

The idea for Scottybons was born.



As founder Noor had been working for years in the corporate world, she was ready for a faster, more agile environment. With people around her who burst with energy, look forward and are just as passionate about what they are doing as she is!

At Scottybons we're not only concerned with the clothing we send, but we’re also eager to see what clothes can do for someone. We like to know our customers by name, and also love to hear about what is going on in their personal lives.

We give each other a high five when we hear that someone again wants to keep a complete outfit or when the clothing advice is spot on.



Scotch Bonnet, also known as Scotty Bons, is a variety of chili pepper. The pepper is used to give flavor to many different dishes all over the world.

Fresh, ripe Scotch Bonnets change from green to colors ranging from yellow to scarlet. So Scottybons, it is not the main ingredient, but the ingredient that adds flavor and color to your outfit.

Therefore, Scottybons, for women that like it spicy!