With Scottybons ON TOUR we come to our customers, so our stylists can personally help them, there where they daily are, in the office. We bring with us our collection, our fitting room and pin device, and change a conference room into a pop-up shop.

We also offer the opportunity to do a style intake by appointment, so as to receive a personalized clothing box with 2-3 outfits at home.

Examples of companies we work with are: BCG, Stibbe, Google, McKinsey, WTC Schiphol, Oracle and Randstad. 

For the companies where we come it is little to no effort to organize Scottybons ON TOUR. We just need a conference room on the day itself between 11.00 and 15.00 (different times are also possible). Beforehand we send a flyer that can be posted, or placed on the intranet and can be mailed to the women in the office to to anounce we are coming by. 

We work together with Oger. If there is demand for custom clothing for men, we can offer this jointly.


Are you interested? Email us at stylingteam@scottybons.com or call us at 085-7500490 and we are delighted to discuss the possibilities.