How does it work






Our stylists listen to you. We keep in mind your style, your figure and what colours look best on you. We get it if you want to try something new, without going overboard. But also if we are allowed to take you out of your comfort zone. And thru your feedback we learn and get to know you and therefore can make every box better!




Are you sometimes having a hard time coming up with a new combination? We help you with that. In our style advice we let you know how you can wear certain items and how to combine them. And if you don't have time (anymore) to check all little boutiques ? We help you find your known and loved brands as well als the more exclusive brands.




We do everything to make life simple for you. You can reach us via this website, via email, phone and whatsapp. Tell us your wishes and we send you a few outfits. At home you can fit and choose at your leisure. Shipping cost back and forth and for exchanges are included.


Before we choose an outfit for you, we first decide on what clothing would fit you you best. In what environment do work, and how do you spend you weekend. Do you like to wear skirts and dresses, or do pants suit you better?

What color type are you? Do you have blond hair, blue eyes and a fair skin? Dan cool, light colors and pastels suit you. But do you have dark jeais and eyes, and a light skin? Then cool, deep, bright colors with a lot of contrast suit you well.

Besides that we look at your figuretype so that the outfit we select highlights your strongest points. Read here more about your figuretype.