is for sale.




1. Tell us
about yourself


Answer online a few questions
about your style and fit. If you like,
we’ll call you for additional information.

2. Receive an outfit
and style advice


We will handpick for you an
outfit, including shoes and accessories.
And you can receive our box wherever you like.

3. Keep what
you like


Try everything at home.
Keep what you like and
send the rest back, free of charge.

What does it cost?

We ask you to pay €15,- as a small fee for selecting your outfit and creating your personal style advice. Shipping is for free and returning is also for free. For the items you want to keep, you´ll pay normal retailprices, and you´ll receive an invoice afterwards.

What does Scottybons stand for

Personal style advice, attention for you

Quality &  sustainability

Not only familiar, but also new and boutique brands

Always a surprise



We love fashion. We are not hysterical about it, but we do pay attention to it, and beautiful materials, new prints and surprising items make us happy. We turned our hobby into our job.

We enjoy making suprising combinations, especially when the fit and color totally suit the person who will wear it. We listen to you, to what style you love, what parts of your body you like to highlight, or maybe like to camouflage. And then we try to find that one perfect outfit for you. 

Especially the personal interaction we like. Our day is perfect when we receive a message from our customer about how surprisingly nice the outfit is and fits. Exactly that gives us the motivation to go all the way, for every customer again.